Algerian strategy to combat Coronavirus

The public authorities have adopted an effective preventive strategy since the appearance of the first covid-19 cases in the country, making from Algeria one of the less affected countries by this pandemic which hit the world since the beginning of the year.

Since the appearance of the first imported case by the Italian national in Hassi Messaoud on 25 February 2020, followed by 16 confirmed cases of the same family in Blida infected in a family party, President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune ordered the adoption of anticipatory measures to contain the spread of the virus.

These measures include notably the implementation of a monitoring system related to the pandemic spread, accompanied by a preventive system in order to protect the society and be ready to rapidly intervene when needed.

To face this epidemic, President Tebboune ordered in March 2020 to take preventive and urgent measures including the closing of schools, universities, nurseries, educational training establishments and gyms.

Suspending land, maritime and air transport and the repatriation of Algerian students stranded in China were among the measures decreed by the high authorities for fear of not being able to control the situation.

The priority actions aimed at ensuring appropriate care to infected persons, a therapeutic protocol, an organization of treatment, accessibility to screening, an efficient control system and a communication of complete and reliable information.

The Health Ministry has strengthened the capacities of its structures by organizing videoconference training sessions and providing the individual protection means to all the employees of the sector.

At the regulatory level, the Ministry of Health implemented, since the confirmation of the first cases, a committee for monitoring the epidemiological situation, by publishing about sixty instructions and notes stipulating measures to adopt to contain the pandemic.

A scientific committee, chaired by Health minister and made up of three committees in charge of patient management, epidemiological follow-up and the availability of stocks, has been set up. (APS)

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