The Moroccan diplomatic representation in New York delivered to all the member countries of the Non-Aligned Movement an official note whose content formally enshrines the commitment of the Kingdom of Morocco in a hostile campaign against Algeria, through a public and explicit support to an alleged « right to self-determination of the Kabyle people » who, according to the said statement, would suffer « the longest foreign occupation. »

This double allegation is an acknowledgement of guilt regarding the multiform Moroccan support currently given to a known terrorist group, as was the case with the support to the terrorist groups that bloodied Algeria during the « black decade. »

This Moroccan diplomatic statement is adventurous, irresponsible and manipulative. It is a short-sighted, simplistic and vain attempt to an outrageous combination between a decolonization issue duly recognized as such by the international community and which is only a plot directed against the unity of the Algerian nation. 

The statement directly attacks the principles and agreements that build Algerian-Moroccan relations. It constitutes a flagrant violation of international law and the Constitutive Act of the African Union.
Algeria strongly condemns this dangerous slip-up, including for the Kingdom of Morocco within his internationally recognized borders.
In the situation created by a dubious diplomatic act committed by an ambassador, Algeria, a sovereign and indivisible Republic, has the right to expect a clarification from the Kingdom of Morocco on this very serious incident.

Algiers, July 16th .2021

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